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Games To Learn Chinese

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Suitable for all ages, these 3 educational games will help you learn, assimilate or revise more than 300 vocabulary words in Chinese, in 11 categories such as:01. Animals02. Insects03. Fruits04. Vegetables05. Nature06. Clothing07. Household objects08. Transportation09. Colors10. Numbers11. Human Body
You are a beginner in Mandarin Chinese or would like to help your child learn Chinese vocabulary ? The Android application " 3 games to learn Chinese " will allow you to quickly assimilate a picture to a Chinese word (consisting of characters) while having fun.
The three available thinking games are:
1 - "Scratching Game" where you have to scratch a gray box to display a portion of an image and guess the Chinese word related to this one, from a choice of four proposals.
2 - "Find the Pairs" for which many cards are spread out on the screen. Choose the cards in pairs : the image and the corresponding Chinese word .
3 - "Concentration Game", an educational memory game in which you must turn over the cards and find two pair "picture + Chinese word".